Bodypaint the art in maximum expression

We lived a new representation of art in Scala Shopping on Saturday, the 27th, John Vargas the plastic artist was in charge of the body paint.

A small taste of a delicious cheesecake

We had a blast tasting and learning the decoration of the cheesecake. The cheesecake is one of the most ancient and popular dessert in the world.

Carla Pérez, example of strength

Carla Perez is the first Latin-American woman that crowned the mountain Everest (8848 m.s.n.m) without oxygen.

Marta & Co: Clothes with an artistic stamp

When the art and the clothes get together unique pieces of clothes are born. That is the way Mayta & Co was created.

Lights Out

The horror movie, lights out, gets to the big scream to scare the people with something that they can not see.

The art of a good coffee

In Scala Shopping we are learning about new things and enjoying the good things in life. This time we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee.

Good smell and great taste in the degustation of different coffee grains

We had the opportunity to enjoyed a delicious degustation of different types of coffee according to the different coffee grains.

Aventuras en el arrecife

Las divertidas aventuras de los amigos del arrecife regresan para mostrar la parte más entretenida de las profundidades.

Pokemon Go Happy Hour

No te pierdas de la primera Pokemon Go Happy Hour del Ecuador. Atrápalos a todos, sábado 6 de agosto 16:00