Colada morada and guaguas de pan: a family tradition

The one and only moment of the year has come, and Im not talking about christmas; I refer to the tradition of colada morada and guaguas de pan . This holiday has a great  meaning for all the Ecuadorians because we get together with the family to enjoy the delicious beverage.


Where was colada morada born?

This rite goes back around five thousand years ago in the zone where the Quitu Caras lived. The Quitu Caras were an indigenous community that was located at the Pichincha. The manufacture of this drink began with the compilation of wild fruits as mortiño, blue berries, naranjillas and pineapples.


In October and November the “Holiday of the Rains ”  was celebrated to honor the trip of the deceased to another life. In this ritual the colada morada and guagua de pan were very important because it was the food and the drink of the deceased.

Why do we eat guagua de pan?

We eat guagua de pan because it represents the deceased. Now a days, the guagua de pan has a big meaning for the grannies and mothers who get all the family together to make bread.


A tradition that  kids and adults enjoy because they can show their creativity in the guaguas de pan that they make. Nevertheless, there  are  business that have become specialists in the fabrication of colada morada and guaguas de pan, Hansel and Gretel and San Honoré of  Scala Shopping are the best places to buy this delicious food.

This delicious tradition is with out doubt one of the most important of our country. The families get together to drink colada morada and celebrate this holiday that has remained in our culture during thousands of years.




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