Marta & Co: Clothes with an artistic stamp


When the art and the clothes get together unique pieces of clothes are born. That is the way  Mayta & Co was created. The necessity of showing the skilful hands of Ecuadorian people that create this beautiful clothing items is one of the main reasons of the success of Mayta & CO.


Marcela Cevallos and Gabriela Vera create things based on the work of national artists. Using the technology of sublimation they move the art work  to skirts, dresses, blouses and more.


Marcela Cevallos affirms that Mayta is the first Ecuadoran brand of clothes that combines fashionable trends with the talent of plastic artists.


The name Mayta comes from the Quechua language. Mayta Capac was a leader,  Inca warrior, best known also as the Andean Hercules. This strength and identity is what Mayta&Co tries to transmit to his clients.



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