The art of a good coffee

In  Scala Shopping  we are learning about new things and enjoying the good things in life. As well they say there is nothing better that a good cup of coffee. This time, Republica del Cacao opened their doors to teach us different methods of infusion to prepared coffee. Tomas Trueba, recognized Ecuadorian barista, he enjoyed sharing his knowledge in the art and the passion of preparing, serving and taking a good coffee.


Two types of coffee were used: Nanegal’s Arabic Coffee, and Arabic Coffee of the Azuay. In order to prepare coffee of infusion is necessary to make a pre-infusion, in orther words, to allow  the coffee to get wet and the rest of it to dissolve. It is necessary that while it have more contact with  wáter it helps to develop senses and smells. The coffee sweeter or bitter depending on the temperature of the wáter or the time of infusion, etc.


In Ecuador there are several schools where it is possible to learn the art of the Barismo (degustation of coffee), for instance,  there is Isveglio, Fresh and Sweet and Coffe Spot and many others.



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